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If you’ve got this far the chances are you know most of the obvious. Rather than bore you with what you already know, I’ll start with some of what you might not.

I’m originally from a very small bible belt town full of PTAs football, and of course church. I had a happy upbringing and I was always a pretty well behaved child. I went to school, I made straight A’s and I graduated a year early as the valedictorian. In my late teens I decided that I needed something more than I was getting, so I moved to England. It took some getting used to, spending my first 8 months in a miserable town called Croydon didn’t help. If you don’t know the UK you’ve probably never heard of it, but every person I meet who is aware immediately groans with understanding at it’s mention. It wasn’t until I moved to Brighton that I was really able to appreciate what Britain had to offer.

I love being in a place, and Brighton is certainly that place, where it’s okay to be kinky, gay, tattooed, pierced, interracial, unconventional or whatever other adjective you please. Where walking around in a short skirt with pink hair doesn’t invite constant and unrelenting lecherous advances.

I’m a pervert. I’m into what most people would call unusual sexual practices, and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m also not ashamed that I “sell myself” via the internet. It’s not against my religion (I don’t have one), and I’ve yet to be given a decent answer when I ask what it is people find so offensive about it. I love what I do. Mister Torn and I started doing porn over a year ago. Our first step was live webcam shows… They were (and remain to this day) pretty good fun. We don’t have sexual contact with strangers and there is no risk of violence from the customers. Camwhoring has few of the downsides that other sex workers have to deal with.

I’ve been interested in bondage, domination and submission, and the fetish scene since I hit puberty. For the most part I identify as submissive. For me it’s like the sexual equivalent to climbing a mountain. It’s challenging yet rewarding in a number of ways. So… This isn’t “just” a job for me. When the studio lights are switched off I remain kinky as hell.

In December of 2005 I did my first shoot with Hardtied – the start of a lasting and productive relationship, and the beginning of my career as a bondage model. Since then I’ve shot with a plethora of producers in both Europe and the USA. A list of my shoots with links to the websites they appear on can be seen on the left hand side of this site.

In March 2007 I dragged my longterm dominant partner (known to the internet as Moebius or Mister Torn) across the Atlantic ocean with me, and married him. Although neither of was particularly enamored with the concept of marriage, we do want to be able to stay together and as we hold different passports it is entirely necessary that we wed in order to ensure this can happen. As it turned out we both enjoyed the day a great deal and are very glad we did it, not least because it was a fantastic excuse to dress up and get our families together for the first time.

Shortly after the marriage we moved to San Francisco, where we remain to the present day. We intend to settle here, where we will continue doing live webcam shows and modelling while our plans for our own billed membership website slowly come to fruition.

Thankyou for reading,

-Cherry Torn -Xx.

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